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Sep 18, 2021
My 4 years in college made me clear i'm sick of studying after 16 years, that's why i'm stopping at a MS. An MS is just 2 years...surprisingly. This is why I am stopping at a master's degree in engineering. I think a PhD is both timecomsuming, wasting and turning me into an far insane person. (not saying industry wouldn't but I believe 5 years of work experience >>> 5 years of PhD) MS then wageslave for some years to save some money than NEET for many, many more years.

Blackpill was kind of liberating tbh, seeing that studying wouldn't save me let be abandon the PhD route which means I've already finished 89% (2/(12+4+2)) of my studies if I just do a MS, 100% if I just do a BS and anywhere from 64-72% if I decide to do a PhD. Considering how much I fell into my depression during my bachelor's a PhD JUST ISN'T FOR ME.

Sorry, but even if a PhD would help me ascend, I don't have the fucking sanity to do it.

I don't see a PhD as a valuable shit, you're wasting 5 years of your sanity. Yeah PhD has its benefits but by the time I finish my master's I don't think if I have the energy to do a PhD anymore. Not everyone has the concentration meant for it, and I'd be better suited for industry or semi-NEETdom or even full NEETdom.

Can't imagine why it should be so frustrating for me to just want to stop at MS and go to work when I have had enough of this studying shit and want to go to work in an office or an engineering firm already. By 27 I want to work in an engineering firm instead of going back to studying; I didn't even know how I survived it. All my (6+3+3+4 and likely+2) life is spent studying in my room or dorm (because studying is hard) and I still couldn't get the best grades. (This is the IQpill.)

Every fucking Qing Ming day I spend time studyign because there's a fuckign exam out there. I'm sick of this never ending loop by the way.

You get your life back. You can travel more. Hang out with your family and friends more~ And most cases, you make much more money.

All (most) my classmates are doing a MS anyways, but I really can't bring myself to do a PhD and will likely never do it before I die. Just want to be done with this shit and live a relatively comfy life.

If a PhD could save my 5'5'' ugly extremely gruesomely awful ethnic self, still f##k it, i'm not doing it. Screw it if every one of my classmates is doing a MS, why not do a MS abroad? My sanity is almost breaking from a bachelor's anyways. Because I simply DO NOT want more quals and this shit, and after MS want to get the six figures + my inheritance move out crap. I developed extreme depression in college, because more stress is not what I want, I want more free time.

BTW if I do a PhD by the time I finished my MS I would have still only finished only 75% - 84% of my studies, and this fucking feels dismmotivating doesn't it? I'll probably never do one in my lifetime
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Amor Fati
Dec 13, 2020
PhDs are the biggest scam ever. Academia in general is, now. It used to be for smart people to do research on stuff to improve humanity. Good that you're getting out.
There’s a few fields that you absolutely need one or it’s a worthless degree though.