the future is foidless



Dec 3, 2020
Doubt it. The amount of gigacucks and gigasimps in existence and will contine to exist and expand as more kids grow up to be simps and cucks is evidence to the contrary.

Women are here to stay, and once the West starts making robo gfs the CUCK programmers will turn them into real life AWALT bots.


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Nov 28, 2020
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Nov 29, 2020
Robots definitely take over women. It is insanely tiny percentage of women in the west, who have healthy bodyfat and it keeps getting worse. Those gym people have unreal discipline and there is not enough to go around. You might see plenty of 18-25 year olds being fine, but they waste hard after that. You either live in a shithole with pretty wife, or bring her west and see what happens to her body. It is scientific fact that majority of women are letting themselves go after marriage. Oh, and most women demand marriage. When there is sexbot who is 10/10 forever with learning ai, who the fuck would take biological woman? Ai's are already superior to human brain in many ways so why not take some supersexbot 64, who has her protective/nursing instincts 100% targeted towards you. She would sacrifice her life for you.
Women are scientifically incapable to be sacrificial. No matter what mammals, females even eat their own babies to survive. Men, we die for nothing most of the time. Fuck that.

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