Lifestyle i found something interesting related to my last thread about NEET SANCTUARIES



Jul 21, 2021
i was reading about anthon lavey in wordpress.
Anton Lavey was the black pope, Founder of modern satanism and writer of the satanic bible


he had a bar called "den of iniquity" and it was furnished according to his youth in the 1950s.

according to Lavey's thinking, there is a "crystallization stage" in our tastes and emotions, and we constantly try to return to it through nostalgia and memories.
remembering and reliving it in our minds (we feel at home in that mental environment)

but also for lavey's satanism it's essential to have "exclussive" spaces where we can separate ourselves from "the mass" or mundanity, what we would call "the normal", and where hidden desires, fetishes and preferences can flourish free

this reminded me of a story written by hp lovecraft, where the main character is a man disgusted by reality and the material universe that surrounds him and he constantly tries to escape from this reality by daydreaming (the silver key)


check this:



this main character (randolph carter) was a projection of hp lovecraft, so probably much of this is based on his own life

I think a lot about my own room, because I am a neet and I spend most of my time here
It's sad to get out of here to see things like this :feelslol::feelslol::feelslol:.


this room is truly an escape from an unpleasant reality

what you think?