I am retroactively charging my past employer a fair wage for my years of services


Feb 12, 2021
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11d 10h 56m
At one time I was being paid $9.00 to be a department manager for approximately 40-60 hours per week (varied a lot) for about 2 years.

Now I realize this is ridiculous and am charging him retroactively for the difference. I am setting fair wage for that job as $24 per hour the difference of which is $24-$9=$15

So I am being nice and only billing him for 30 hours per week for 52 weeks per year x 2 years.

$15 x 30 hours x 52 weeks x 2 years = $46,800 in total he owes me.

I am allowing him to pay off his debt over 2 years though, of course. It is only fundamentally fair since that is the period he would have paid me over. So I will accept $1800 per month for 2 years OR if he wants to settle for a lump sum I will accept a one-time payment of just $35,000.

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