Being a neet is virtuous



Neetcel sourcer
Dec 18, 2020
Those who choose not to work open other avenues for others in other words laziness is virtuous. Since I didn't take that shit job making sandwiches at subway I have now let an illegal alien survive. But not at a cost that must be wagered. So the neet has every right to tax the illegal how he sees fit seeing as how he allowed them to labor so the neet can pay for his brazzers monthly porn subscription. The only thing that must be done is we need higher taxes on wage cucks. I mean my dick isnt going to suck itself is it.

Well then I need more money so I can escourt max and afford my viagra since I've gone impotent due to the lack of sex I've suffered from my whole life being ridiculed as a sub 8 male.

Neets are the most virtuous people on the planet and it's not even close. Our environmental foot print is tiny compared to an average normie let alone a greedy jew.

Neets are the crown jewels of society and should be treated as a national treasure. Infact every neet should be granted enough money to supply any amount of drugs, hookers and viagra as he pleases directly subsidized by normie wage cucks taxes. Point being we need to jack up taxes by at least 70 percent so we may live like neet gods wearing golden fleece snuggies while drinking golden laden hot coco with golden studded whipped cream and marshmallows
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Dec 3, 2020
every NEET should be given 40 acres and a team of illegal farm workers