Are neets winning the culture war?



Apr 21, 2022
so, in one of the rare instances where i talk to people, i chatted with a gas station clerk tonight. she said what we've all heard in some way, that the gas station would be closing at 11 because they have staff shortages. i've been hearing this a lot more, even though it's been spammed on the news for a while now. Now, i don't really know the scope of the problem, like if it primarily is a phenomen for un degreed persons, or if it targets specific sectors over others, or for what age group, etc. One thing is clear though, people not working can only be boiled down to one or two main things, the social atmosphere is shit, and people can't stand being next to each other, and pay has not risen proportionately to rent, cost of living etc. this is the result of powerful forces in the west who are bent on it's destruction, and replaced with what some call the great reset.

this actually has me worried because this comes at a time when there are other serious problems in the US. Other factors being the same, we can only expect this trend to continue and grow. I was tempted to think this could be a benefit for the neet. afterall, less workers means more bargaining power. a savvy neet( i thought) could use this to his advantage if he chooses to enter the workforce. i've had to conclude though that any benefits to be had would be short lived and drowned out through greater problems that will arise.

so like it or not, NEET culture is on the rise. we're winning! but not so fast, it's not actually a good thing. more neets means as society starts breaking down, neets will come under more scrutiny. the danger is that for people who really have NO other alternative to being neet, and are neet by absolute necessity(me not included), they may be further stigmatized, resulting in their furthered deterioration.

if more people neet, then certain business will go under and our much taken for granted modern conveniences will slowly vanish.

i don't know though, plenty of unkowns. let me know your thoughts on this though. if i'm wrong, things i'm overlooking, etc.