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    Red Dead Redemption

    Marston always drops some heavy life wisdom in just a few short words
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    I haven't shitted in 3 days

    Damn son just megadose some miralax and let the chocolate hose start blasting
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    >Just work harder, wagey.

    People like rihanna or big movie stars like henry cavill are definitely not rich because of their own hard work alone, but for people like jeff bezos or bill gates there is definitely something in their own genius and work ethic that gets them to be that rich and influential. They were born...
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    Depression Only 1 more bottle of gorilla mind rush

    Just hop on amazon or ebay I bet they have tons of that shit for like 20 bucks a bottle, its always like that with those supplements
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    Does anyone do speedcubing?

    Yeah when I was younger, I was super into it, I was never super good but I enjoyed it. I had the regular rubiks brand cube a while then I got a dayan guhong and learned the fridrich method, got into trying to solve it super fast. And then I got all the crazy cubes or whatever theyre called like...
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    Discussion why are women such liars?

    Thats how women are, dont waste your time with them. You are not super good looking and that is obviously what the problem was.
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    Serious Week long fast starting tomorrow

    Longest I ever did was 4 days, you are a stronger man than me. God be with you son
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    Any one here had lasik

    I never had it so I cant speak personally to its effects but there is another laser eye surgery called PRK that is more advanced and generally better because it leaves the eyes less vulnerable to future damage. Also you usually have to wait until youre around 30 or older to have lasik or PRK...
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    Does 5 hour energy taste gross?

    Those things kind of taste like medicine but sort of bitter. Its not good tasting but you just chug the whole thing in one swig so i guess it doesnt matter. It defiitely works, its got caffeine and b vitamins and other stuff, its pretty much an energy drink but condensed down into that tiny bottle
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    Media Why can’t you rape the prostitutes in gta

    This is something i have always noticed in media, movies, books, tv, video games, you can have the worst violence, you can have stuff like in silence of the lambs where he traps that lady in his basement dungeon and forces her to put lotion on before he kills her and peels off her skin. The...
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    I am visiting my brother in the ghetto and there was just a gunshot outside

    Ah dont worry about it, they just shoot each other, not anyone else
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    Loving your parents is bluepilled

    Its a morally ambiguous position thats for sure. Whats the right amount of helping, or assistance, to give to your kid? Parents are obligated to help but should they, at some point, give them less assistance and force them to live on their own? And if something goes wrong, like the kid has a...
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    Imagine getting tattoos as a neetcel

    I mean these style tattoos are just cool, most tattoos that people get in developed countries are the same shit, like a bunch of flowers or “tribal” designs or a sleeve with a jumbled mess of shit that you cant even decipher. But these tattoos from indigenous people in South america and hawaii...
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    Imagine getting tattoos as a neetcel

    Ngl those tattoos that some native americans from central and south america have are pretty killer
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    Worshiping a diety should be classified as a mental illness

    The Lord giveth, and The Lord taketh away. And the Lord has takethed away from all wagies and givethed it to others