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    I request a ban please.

    I request a ban please.
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    Serious You all mog me, I can't relate to the sex wanters, I'm gonna have to leave

    I'm not a NEET, I'm most likely too mentally disabled to even look for work. Which is also why I must leave.
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    Ban Discussion Megathread

    I request to be banned.
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    Serious You all mog me, I can't relate to the sex wanters, I'm gonna have to leave

    Students, people with jobs, people with degrees, heck, even people in contact with the job centre mog me. I didn't realize how uniquely screwed I am until I hung out with you guys. Even if I get told I can carry on looking for work after my disability allowance check, I'm pretty much screwed...
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    Discussion on IQ...

    Person A "Check out my computer's higher RAM and CPU" Person B "Wow; No wonder your PC can perform more tasks" Person A "Check out my higher IQ" Person B "IQ doesn't mean anything :mad:" :LOL:
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    big if true

    Excellent editing
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    Flat earth discussion

    I've read the bible and the only parts that are symbolic have their symbolism explained, example, dream interpreter segments.
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    Discussion on IQ...

    Who wouldn't!? If I went to a gifted school, I would feel special.
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    Discussion on IQ...

    I love IQ. One of the best things about it is that, if you get a high score at an early age, you get to go to a gifted school.
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    Flat earth discussion

    What you are referring to, are the higher level angels. Pretty sure the Bible is supposed to be read literally.
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    Flat earth discussion

    Yeah but the Bible's book of revelations says that the four horsemen of the apocalypse come from the four corners of the earth.
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    Warnings from believers of God

    Wowzers; Prehaps the end times has a good dental plan? šŸ˜¬ I used to have straight teeth, then I took a slice of hard icing cake to the mouth.
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    Things are getting ... weird, tense between me and my parents about my future. What about you, what are your parents saying?

    After 10 years of trying and failing to hold down a job, my parents are coming around to the idea that I'm unemployable.
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    NSFW My collection of cum socks and gloves

    Yo; Can we make this picture of your suitcase, the new logo for :LOL: